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The TOEFL test is a formal language test that tests the English language ability of international students to measure whether you can apply for a university or course with an English-based language. The exam is divided into four parts: reading, listening, speaking and writing. For international students, TOEFL is a necessary condition for Meco, US and Masters applications.


The full name of the SSAT is (Secondary School Admission Test), which is an American middle school entrance test, which is equivalent to the Chinese middle school entrance examination.

SSAT mainly measures students' mathematics, English proficiency and comprehension. The test is divided into four parts: mathematics (Quantitative), Chinese (Verbal), reading (Reading), writing (Writing); and divided into lower grades (candidates currently in grades 5-7) and upper grades (now in grades 8-11 Candidates) two tests.

Grades 5-7 have a score between 440 and 710, with a perfect score of 2130 and a basic score of 1320.

Grades 8-11 have a score between 500 and 800, with a perfect score of 2400 and a basic score of 1500. The writing samples above are not scored, but it is one of the important references for the school to choose students.


The SAT is the Scholastic Aptitude Test. It is an academic assessment ability test sponsored by the College Board of the United States. Its scores are an important reference for high school students from all over the world to apply for US university admission qualifications and scholarships.

The SAT is divided into two parts, one is the general part, including mathematics and reading and writing, which is called SATI; the other is a single subject exam, which includes math, physics, chemistry, biology, foreign languages ​​(including Chinese, Japanese, German, French, Spanish Language) etc. are collectively called SATⅡ


The iTEP test, the full name of the International Test of English Proficiency, is developed by the Boston Educational Services Corporation. The exam takes the form of an online exam. The levels are divided into 0 to 6 levels.

The exams are divided into iTEP and iTEP-Plus, which include listening, grammar, reading, writing, and speaking. Those who pass both the written and oral exams will be issued an iTEP Exam Certificate and an iTEP Exam Ability Report by Boston Educational Services.


多邻国英语测试(Duolingo English Test)是一项面向当今国际学生和机构的现代英语水平评估测试。考生在缴费后随时随地可以通过电脑和网络摄像头在家进行测试,而无需预约或前往考试中心参加测试,测试使用计算机自适应技术,让问题难度适应考生的水平。

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