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When I first joined Walnut Club, the basic situation of Zhu students was as follows: basic GPA1.8; biology, mathematics, and English classes were on the edge of F; because of language skills, relatively introverted and limited interpersonal communication. The school is warned academically that there is a risk of not being able to graduate. After the first meeting, Zhu's final assault plan was formulated. Complete all assignments in Q3 and Q4 within one month, and strive to retake the low-score exams and final exam preparations for some subjects. Mr. Zhu is very cooperative and has a positive attitude. In one month, the average weekly study in the company classroom is 2 hours, and the average weekly study is 8 hours. In the end, he successfully completed the 11th grade study. With the strong academic help of Walnut Hui, he increased the GPA to 2.42 in just two months.

(Before joining our service, Zhu's GPA situation, the picture below)

(After joining our service, Zhu's grades have improved significantly: failing the 10th grade of biology, leading to the rehearsal of the 11th grade. After the 11th grade, the grades have improved significantly, and the history, mathematics and English have improved significantly, as shown in the figure below)

At the beginning of the new semester, referring to the summer course selection guidance provided by our students, Zhu chose more challenging mathematics and computer subjects, and chose to interact with people for more extracurricular activities / after-school activities. Tutors teach Email writing skills and teacher communication methods, and have received unanimous praise from teachers during repeated school visits in 2019-2020. The new semester of study tutoring is also based on the subject. Students will report to the teacher on the completion of the homework every day at 5 pm every week during the week. The corrections and homework tutoring will be completed between 5-9 pm, and the teacher will finally check the homework at 9 pm Student performance has clearly and steadily increased in the new school year.

In summary, starting from April 2019, under the leadership of Teacher Walnut, not only did Zhu's academic performance leap, he also received unanimous praise from school teachers and students, and in the process he found his true interests and hobbies. He opened his own Vlog channel in Bilibili, and at the same time started to produce his favorite music videos. Seeing a student not only grows and progresses in study, but also matures and progresses in thinking and thinking. Thinking about the future majors and careers in the university is the goal that every teacher of Walnut Club makes every effort to achieve. .

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