Academic Support, GPA Case Study—University

Huang, before entering service in the fall of 2017, the GPA was 1.402. After passing our service, the academic performance improved to 3.372. Parents of students received a warning from the school during the summer of 2017. If the student's GPA is lower than 2.0, they may be dropped out of school. Parents of our students have chosen our after-school services. With the support of a strong academic team, students' performance has improved linearly. Increased from 1.402 in spring 2017 to 3.372. Under the 360-degree academic service of Walnut Club, we have tailored the study plan and course selection plan for students. At the same time, we aim to increase the strength of academic services for students' weak curriculum links. At the beginning of school:

  • Determine all possible composition of grades, assignments, and date of all major assignments and exams, as follows. Regularly remind students of important exam and assignment dates in advance, and develop good study habits for students.

  • Establish good connections and communication with students, allow students to fully communicate where they have difficulty in learning, and give students feedback in a timely manner

  • Configure students with a four-to-one teacher-student ratio so that students can have real-time tutoring with relevant teachers for each course

  • Keep up-to-date communication with students 'parents, so that students' parents can grasp the learning situation of students in real time, and provide timely cooperation and support

  • The improvement of students' grades in half a year is shown below:

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